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    Back to school

    We are an asset to your child's academic success and French learning journey.

  • take advantage of our free

    Academic assessment

    Our academic assessments allows us to assess what the student knows compared to what should be known as per the curriculum.

    From there we will be able to give you an actual plan as to where to start the learning process.
  • The flexibility of learning

    online &
    in person

    We are re-opening for in person learning very soon.
    We know how important it is for some of our learners so we will be offering the convenience of virtual learning for our students far away and in person for the ones that can make it. 

Back to school Registration

Our team has worked hard during the summer to prepare a program the students deserve. We analyzed the progress of our students during the previous school year and came up with better additions to our programs to facilitate and improve their learning process.


Being a mother, educator and educational designer, the founder, makes the learning journey of each child a priority by creating an engaging system that is tailored to each student according to their learning style and their strength.
The learner will be able to increase their knowledge and motivation to learn in French.

We are a team of passionate educators. We work with students of all ages helping them improve and develop the basic tools necessary to succeed, in French, in their school environment and in their daily lives.


Our tutoring service is used by students from all levels. Some need coaching, help and structure in different school subjects while learning and improving their knowledge of the French language. Others take our services for a short term learning curve or on a continuous learning option to learn and master the french language and various school subjects.


We approach learning differently. Using our tools, games, hands-on and interactive exercises we make the learning process fun for our students.