Verbs, homophones, punctuation, syntax, grammar or sentence structure can be really hard on students?

We are here to help. Wether your learner need an academic upgrading, help with homework, or enrichment? We have dedicated programs that can help your learner reach new levels in their french learning journey.

Let’s start by learning the numbers. Then we learn to count, after that comes arithmetic, then geometry, algebra operations and everything else.

Mathematics, in french, is a language we know well.

Combined Program

Our program includes both specific French and math concepts. It will follow the Ontario or Quebec curriculum in order to help the student catch up and surpass his/her level, if possible.

A continuous program

Allows students in grades 1 to 12 to receive ongoing learning support in French and mathematics with homework, research projects and courses while following the academic program of the school system (Ontario, Quebec)

In groups or individually.

French Immersion

Learning another language requires careful listening in order to learn to decode information and work on memorization.

These skills can often be developed through interactive activities with learners.

For example, create word associations and rhymes. Learn songs, poems and riddles. Play board games, card games and computer games as well as puzzles of all kinds.

Our French immersion program is the solution for your learner.