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verbs, homophones, punctuation, syntax, grammar, or sentence structure might give you a headache. Do you want to introduce your child to the french language? Are they already in a french learning program or do they want to enrich their knowledge? Savoir Apprendre is there to help.


we start by learning the numbers. Then we learn to count, after that comes arithmetic. Then the geometry, the algebra operations and all the rest. Mathematics is a language we know well.

Combined Program

allows students in Grades 1 to 6 to receive pedagogical and ongoing learning support in French and mathematics with homework, research projects and classes while following the academic program of the school system (Ontario, Quebec)

In group or individual.

Academic Upgrading

The remedial school service aims to make up for lost time in one or more subjects in french. For a student, catching up to the rhythm of the class can be a daunting and uphill task. During the academic assessment, our advisers will assess the student's strength and difficulties and a plan will be formulated afterwards with concrete and achievable objectives for the student.

In addition, individual support allows the student to be more comfortable asking questions and in this way review all the concepts discussed in class which are unclear in their understanding.


Learning another language requires attentive listening in order to learn to decode information and work on memorization.

These skills can be developed often through interactive activities in learners.

For example, making word associations and rhymes. Learn songs, poems and riddles. Play board games, card games and computer games without forgetting to do puzzles of all kinds.

Our French immersion program is the solution for your child.