Online Learning

We have adapted our learning system to an Online platform in order to continue to support and assist our students and provide them with the same level of service online as we provide in person.
With an advanced virtual environment and custom designed and engaging programs, we give all our students an effective and fun virtual learning.

Homework help

 This service allows students in grades 1 to 10 to receive educational support in French with homework, research projects and class work. This service is offered virtually and in person.

Academic upgrading

A summer program usually of 6 weeks. We work with the student on their academic development following the Ontario and Quebec curriculum based on the class plan you send us.
We will work on developing the student’s autonomy and self-esteem by giving him/her the tools to acquire good work habits in order to catch up and possibly surpass the curriculum.


On different subjects and learning methods to better understand and facilitate homework and projects.

We will cover: organization, how to take notes, how to write papers, essays, planning research or projects, math, visual arts, creativity, etc.

Teamwork (socializing) through these workshops is a learning experience.  Your child will benefit from different ways and strategies of learning in small groups.

reading and writing club 

This club is to offer writing and reading workshops as well as encourage French vocabulary and develop writing skills in francophone and unilingual children in Ottawa. We want to offer them a place where they can express themselves and develop their literary sense while having fun.