A different approach
to online learning

Why us?

Nous savons Apprendre

We approach learning differently.
Using our tools, games, hands-on and interactive exercises we make the learning process fun and efficient for our students.





Programme Offerts

Remedial classes

The remedial classes aims to make up for lost time in one or more subjects. For a student, catching up to the rhythm of the classroom can prove to be a daunting and difficult task during the school year.

Students will have the chance to revise and improve the chosen subject while having fun in a small group!


Academic assessment is mandatory for student placement

Groups of 4 students or less
Continuous 6-week programs
Learning tools provided
(books, binders and memory aids)
Schedule (4 days): Monday to Thursday

50 minutes lessons

Secure and reliable online platform

Free academic assessment

Qualified and dedicated tutors

Unparalleled learner support

The price indicated is for promotional purposes and represents a breakdown per week. The programs are designed on a continuous basis. Registration to a program is for the duration of the full 6 weeks. Total price ** $ 750

Their Success Is Our Success

We want to be an asset for your child’s success. Whether for academic progress, enrichment, remedial, reading or other skills. We are here to support their efforts and guide them as they learn with us.